Experience has given us a breadth of knowledge.

Fred Dittrich (Dad) had a lengthy career as a controller for a Cincinnati based retail company; starting to do tax returns for pay in 1966 in his “spare” time. It wasn’t until 1982 that Fred went out on his own and started his tax business, Frederick N. Dittrich, Jr. Dad earned his CPA in 1986. All of this time Fred’s wife, Joann, would type the returns on the typewriter. In triplicate. With carbon paper!

Todd H. Dittrich (son) had his first tax season in 1988 while building his career up to this point moving through retail and corporate audit work to managing receivables for two Cincinnati based companies to a manager in the accounting department at Olsten Cincinnati. Todd started working full-time in the office with his Dad January 1, 2000. He purchased the business from his Dad in July of 2001; and Fred retired; this is when the business became Dittrich & Associates.

Jeanne M. Dittrich (Todd’s wife) took a tax class in 2006 to help during tax season. Jeanne’s has an extensive background in banking including banking center manager. In November of 2013, Jeanne joined Todd in the business and they are now partners running Dittrich & Associates, PLLC. Jeanne’s experience has brought additional expertise in creating business plans as well as consulting with our small business clients.